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The "Sand Dunes" at Riverside Park in West Fork, AR

If you live in Northwest Arkansas, you may have realized that we just don't really have much to offer when it comes to soft sandy beach areas. A few years ago though we discovered Riverside Park in West Fork near Fayetteville which is one of our favorite spots to swim in the summer. After a few visits though, we started venturing further and further up the river to find a more private spot to swim and that's when we discovered the massive sandy area that for Arkansas is considered VERY beachy.  I've overheard a few local kids calling it "the sand dunes" and since then that name has stuck with us. If you've ever seen REAL sand dunes, no this isn't anything like that haha, but it is a very large gently sloped sandy area. 

My kids LOVE this place! It's right next to the river so they can haul buckets of water back and forth and build sand castles, dig holes, make sand angels, etc. We've even visited in the fall and winter just to play in the sand here. There's a nice area here that we enjoy swimming in too. It's more private than the rest of Riverside park and offers some shade as well. Great place to spend the day with the family! 

For directions and more info about Riverside Park, click HERE

When you get to Riverside Park, you'll see this path heading out from the parking lot. You can swim anywhere along the left side in the river, but if you want to get to the "dunes" you'll have to walk until the sidewalk starts to curve to the right. You won't miss the sand though. It's not all that far from the parking lot.... unless your carrying chairs, a cooler, and sand toys, and then it's going to seem like miles haha! 

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  1. How cool, I never knew about this place! I was wishing for beaches this summer.
    Best, Karen from
    Life in its Natural State


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