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The "Wreck Hole" Swimming Hole in West Fork, AR

The "Wreck Hole" Swimming Hole in West Fork, AR

West Fork, AR is only about 20 minutes south of Fayetteville and is home to a couple great swimming holes! This one is a local favorite called "The Wreck Hole" which is located adjacent to railroad tracks. It is so named, because of the train crash and derailing that happened near this area in October of 2014. There's a gravel bar on one side of the river, and on the other side there's some large boulders and deep water that make for some awesome jumping spots! 

The "Wreck Hole" Swimming Hole in West Fork, AR

The Wreck Hole is an awesome place to cool off in the Summer, but here's a couple tips-

1. This is a VERY popular place for the locals, especially on the weekends and can often just turn into a full on party, so if you're taking kids you may prefer going on a weekday.

2. It's a gorgeous spot, but unfortunately your going to run into litter and possibly glass here so wear your water shoes when swimming. If we want places like this to stay open for our enjoyment, we've all got to do our part to keep it cleaned up! Always practice a "leave no trace policy" and if possible, show some extra love for the Natural State and pick up other people's trash as well. We try to always bring an extra trash bag and pick up whatever we can if the area needs it. 

The "Wreck Hole" Swimming Hole in West Fork, AR

The "Wreck Hole" Swimming Hole in West Fork, AR

The "Wreck Hole" Swimming Hole in West Fork, AR

The "Wreck Hole" Swimming Hole in West Fork, AR

There are two ways to access this spot from different sides of the river. 

The deep side with lots of boulders--great for jumping, but not really a spot for wading or easy in and out swimming. 
Take RT 70 East into the town of West Fork. Right after a big curve, go LEFT on Main Street. Then take a Left on Campbell Rd and then continue to the right on Campbell when you reach a Y. At about .3 miles start looking for a gravel turnout on your right. This is the parking area. To your right is the tracks which you'll have to cross to reach a short downsloped trail to the river. 

The Wreck Hole Swimming Hole in West Fork, AR

If you prefer to approach the Wreck Hole at the gravel bar, use this address: 145 Pleasent St. West Fork. This will take you to Growing God's Kingdom Preschool, but just continue past there into the large parking lot in the ballfields. To shorten your walk, park at the far end near the tennis and basketball courts and head into the woods for an easy and short walk to the river. 

As fun as this spot is in the Summer, it's also a beautiful place to visit in the Winter! 
The pics in this post were all taken on a winter visit to the Wreck Hole, 
so just imagine how beautiful it is surrounded by lush, Summer greenery! 
My mom and youngest son Brady having a quiet moment together <3

Another awesome swimming hole located in West Fork is Riverside Park. It's one of our favorites! 
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  1. Wow! So beautiful! I really want to visit there so much.

  2. Great place, nice description but this was not created by the 2014 wreak, it has been here much longer. Thanks for the article and great photos!


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