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Lincoln Lake: Hiking, Rock Climbing, Swimming, etc.

Lincoln Lake is located in Lincoln Arkansas which is about 30 minutes west of Fayetteville. What an Ozark treasure it is! Not only is it 400 acres of an absolutely beautiful place, but the area offers a plethora of outdoor recreational activities including several hiking and mountain biking trails. It is also a popular bouldering and rock climbing spot. No gas powered motors are allowed, but you can kayak, canoe, fish, and swim in the lake. My mom and my sons and I hiked part of the lake in in  early Winter, but I am looking forward to returning in the Summer to take advantage of all this area has to offer!

The lake area was pretty busy on the Saturday we hiked. There was a large group there to rock climb which was a lot of fun to watch, especially for the boys! We arrived later in the day so we did the Eagle View Trail, but only got as far as the Lake View Overlook and then headed back. Eagle View Trail does indeed get it's name because it is a great route to spot bald eagles. A word of caution though; this trail contains a few different loops and not all of them are kid friendly! 

Here's a quick rundown of the trails offered at the lake...

Piney Loop: 4 mile loop rated intermediate for mountain bikes and easy for hikers. You'll cross the dam for a great view of the lake and come across lots of cool rock formations as well. 

Eagle View Trail: 4 mile out and back with 3 loops. Rated intermediate to strenuous for mountain bikers, and easy for hikers. This trail has some of the best scenery at the lake! Again, we did this hike only until the Lake View Overlook, which was fairly easy for the kids with just a few bluff lines along the trail that we felt better holding their hand along. However, a little further after this overlook and you'll come to the Eagle View Overlook which is a 50 foot bluff, but a great lookout! From here you can choose to complete the trail from the upper loop or the lower loop. The lower loop is more difficult, but includes the best scenery! I'm not sure if these loops are kid friendly or not. 

Lake Loop Trail: 4.2 miles all the way around the lake. Rated as difficult for bikers and hikers. Large rock formations, remote wooded areas, and a creek crossing. 

Some pics of our time spent at the lake and along the Eagle View Trail to the Lake View Overlook: 

Lincoln Lake in Lincoln, Arkansas

Lincoln Lake in Lincoln, Arkansas

Lincoln Lake in Lincoln, Arkansas

Lincoln Lake in Lincoln, Arkansas

More Info About Lincoln Lake

Directions/Address: County Road 669, Lincoln, AR

NO: Camping, alcohol, open fires, gas motors on lake, horses or ATV's, hunting or firearms. 

YES: Hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaks, canoes, swimming, fishing, paddle boats, rafts.

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