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Little Free Libraries in Northwest Arkansas

Little Free Library Northwest Arkansas

A few months ago I discovered a Little Free Library at War Eagle Mill in Rogers. I was so excited because i'd never seen one before, but have always wanted to find one. In case you are unfamiliar, a Little Free Library is a "take a book, return a book" free book exchange. They are all unique, but the basic idea is a small wooden box of books in which anyone can take a book or leave a book for all to share. The big idea is to promote literacy and the love of reading while at the same time building a sense of community. It is such a wonderful program and concept!


Little Free Library Stewards are people who have either built their own Little Free Library Boxes or have bought a box kit from Little Free Library, Ltd. A Steward must place the LFL in a safe and legal area (based on zoning laws) and then boxes built by the stewards themselves must be registered through Then the LFL is added to the world map and available to the public. 

After I'd found the one at War Eagle Mill, I wondered if we had any more in the Northwest Arkansas area. I went to and discovered their world map in which you can search your area for a LFL near you. I discovered that we currently have close to 30 Little Free Libraries in the Northwest Arkansas Area! 

My birthday followed soon after and when my husband asked what I wanted to do I told him I wanted to find some of the Little Free Libraries in the Benton County area and fill them with some of our own books that the kids weren't reading anymore. We had a lot of fun on our LFL hunt and the boys found a few new books to take home!

Here are the Little Free Libraries we visited in the Benton County Area. 

Charter #13513 
306 SW B St 

Little Free Library Northwest Arkansas
Charter #4586 
 1811 S. 21st Street 

Little Free Library Northwest Arkansas
Charter #10063  
2606 Beau Drive 

Little Free Library Northwest Arkansas
Charter #9093  
905 S. 13th St. 

Here's a current list of other active Little Free Libraries in the Northwest Arkansas Area as of today (1/8/16). I've included their Charter Numbers and addresses. I hope you discover a Free Little Library in your area! And remember-take a book, return a book. 

#7419    3 Hanna Drive
#32622   902 NW L St. 

#4147    411 N. 39th Place
#15258    6121 Pleasant Place 9093 905 South 13th Street

#12005    2382 Marylane Dr.
#4586    1811 S. 21st Street 
#22123   1967 Chapman Ave   

#687   1708 N Walnut Ave 
#4920   829 E. Peele St. 
#10300    2538 East Joyce Blvd.
#10888    3220 Wroxton Courn
#12145    512 West Adams Street

#1365    2766 S. College Dr.

#719    15730 Black Oak Quarry Road 227 317 East Sutton St.

#230    904 N. Park Avenue

#446    422 W. Cleburn St.
#7799    1005 W. Lawson 
#4740    2607 N Toy Drive
#4745    2715 N Stagecoach Dr 13216 422 N. Washington Avenue
#8788    1850 East Township St.

#23372    419 North Walnut Avenue 4181 412 Ila St

#4436    924/927 Hall Ave. 

Siloam Springs

#521   209 S. Broadway 

Occasionally a LFL is under maintenance or removed altogether. For the most recent updates, visit the Little Free Library World Map,  HERE

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  1. Hello Jessie , I came across this blog when I was trying to fins an older pin from play create explore blog. Tpthe link no longer works to that website and I was wondering if they were gone for good or there was a different link to them. There were some really great ides on that blog that were awesome for toddlers. I understand if they are no longer public I thought I would just ask

  2. Really enjoying your blog - we are in Tulsa area and always looking for hikes in the areas you hike. Great resource - keep it up !!


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