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Moonshiners Cave Hike near Devil's Den State Park

Moonshiners Cave near Devil's Den State Park

Fall weather is certainly here and for us that means...back to hiking! We do hike a little in the summer, but only if it leads to a swimming hole :) Today we hiked to Moonshiner's Cave, which isn't actually a cave, but a makeshift stone bluff shelter constructed by moonshiners in the early 1900's. The hike is fairly short, at about a mile roundtrip, but it's very rocky and a pretty steep climb out. We kept it slow though and the kids did just fine.


1. Travel South of Fayetteville on I-49 for about 15 miles and take the Winslow Exit and travel West towards Devil's Den.  

2. Drive 4.4 miles till you see the big Devil's Den Sign on your right. There will be a parking area on your left across from the sign.

3. Walk along the side of the road towards Devil's Den West (on the same side as parking lot) for about 100 yards. The trailhead will be on your left. No sign, just a trail opening in the woods.

4. Hike downhill for about half of a mile and stay to your left. You'll see a clearing on your right (pic below). Look for that "V" tree my son is standing in.

If you accidentally miss the clearing, you'll almost immediately see a bluffline on your left (pic below). If you see this you've gone too far.

5. Walk to the back of the clearing and you'll notice you're standing on a bluffline so be careful here! Your actually standing above the cave. There's a trail to your right leading down...and then your there!

After a good rain there will be a waterfall right next to the cave. It wasn't running when we were there so I look forward to returning again! 

Moonshiners Cave near Devil's Den State Park

We went into the cave where Brian's flashlight app came in handy. However, when he shined his light on a HUGE spider...I was outta there haha!  There's not much in the cave...a fire pit ring and that's pretty much it. Really cool though and definitely a great family hike!

Moonshiners Cave near Devil's Den State Park

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  1. I want to go here! I will wait till a good rain =) Thank you! PS: Did I just see the first "JC" filter edited photo in this blog? =)

    1. Actually... the green tree with rock road pic. I always swore your pics were natural... but now, i dont know =)

    2. Lol I use a combination of pics from Instagram and regular cam. Moat are natural but if I took an instagram pic I really like, I'll use it here too ��

  2. We made the hike today, water was falling in 3 places. Unfortunately, someone has knocked out the cedar post, and all of the rocks above the door frame are gone, but the frame is still in place. I wish that people would have some respect, and leave places just as they found them, so that others may also enjoy it too. Thanks for your directions and pics, they got us there easily.


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