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Backroad Adventures: Discovering a Working Bucket Well

Some of our greatest adventures happen when we decide to just jump in the truck and go backroading. No particular destination...we just head off in the Ozarks, pick a dirt road and drive slowly. On one such backroad adventure last Fall we happened upon a very pretty little white historical church in Venus Arkansas which is about 30 minutes South East of Huntsville, AR. As we pulled into the vacant church yard, right away we noticed that it had a real working bucket well! I don't think i'd ever actually seen one myself and I was definitely excited to show the kids! 
So we hopped out and helped the kids draw a few buckets of water. They loved it, and so did I! I guess it's just one of those old fashioned childhood bucket list activities that I never crossed off as a kid but was excited to be able to experience with the boys.

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