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The "AT&T" Swimming Hole in Bella Vista, AR

Local Swimming Hole in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

There's a swimming hole along McKisic Creek on the Lake Bella Vista Trail that is a favorite with the locals. It's one of ours too because of the easy access and we've been coming here to swim for years now. It's a great spot especially if you have kids, or if you don't want to drive very far to enjoy a natural swim the summer. There's no offical name for this spot, but I call it the "AT&T swimming hole" because the swimming hole is located right behind the AT&T building which is where most people park. 

So far there haven't been any complaints about parking there that I know of, but maybe someday they'll tire of it. For now though, it's a convenient place to park! Once you cross the street to join the trail on the other side, you'll immediately notice a bridge. That's the swimming hole. In the "good ole days" (a year ago) people jumped from the bridge into the deepest part of the hole, but they've since then filled in the deep part and put up signs. Jumping is prohibited and you can be fined for doing so. Bummer. 

Local Swimming Hole in Bella Vista, Arkansas.

There's a few other spots along McKisic Creek that you should check out, including another amazing swimming hole! 

AT&T Address

3463 Bella Vista Way
Bella Vista, AR 72714

Please help keep special places like this open for us and future generations of outdoor lovers to enjoy. When people don't behave respectfully, places like these inevitably get shut down and closed to access. Act safely and adopt and adhere to a "leave no trace" policy and always pick up your trash. Even better, try to bring an extra trashbag wherever you go so that you can pick up trash previously left behind if you find it. We can all do our part to make sure these places stay beautiful and open to all! 

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  1. These places are pretty. We just moved to BV last fall; love it.
    FYI, AT&T rents the south side of the building that is owned by the real estate agency. Our agency works for them.

  2. Amazing adventures! Thanks for sharing.


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