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Kings River Overlook Nature Trail near Huntsville, AR

Kings River Overlook Nature Trail near Huntsville, AR

Kings River Overlook Nature Trail is a 1 mile trail located within the McIllroy Madison County Wildlife Management Area which is between Huntsville and Eureka Springs off of Hwy. 23. I'm going to combine pictures of my 2 visits to this trail into one post. I've hiked this trail in the Winter and also in the Spring. This is a great winter trail, but for me the Spring hike was exceptionally beautiful!  

I loved the Spring hike because everything was just so green! The trees surrounding the Kings River combined with the blue-green water makes for a spectacular sight. However, a perk of the Winter hike is that there is a waterfall that you can get to from this trail, but you can't really see it unless there are no leaves on the trees. So...there ya go. This isn't just a one time deal kind of a trail. Also, it's one of my favorite "company" trails. If you've got company in from out of town and they want to see the goods of the Ozarks...this trail is perfect. It's a short trail with a big payoff! Really though, the views from the bluffs are incredible no matter what time of year it is. 

(Directions to trailhead at the bottom of post)
Kings River Overlook Nature Trail near Huntsville, AR
Here's the parking area you'll be coming down into. 

Just walk behind this sign and gate to begin the trail. 

Cave along the left side of the trail

Overall the trail is kid friendly. The bluffs are well away from the main trail, but keep watch over your children at ALL TIMES. You will still want to hold on to your little ones on the bluff overlook parts of the trail even though the bluffs are not right along the main trail. If you are a parent, you know how quickly they can scramble away from us, and a fall from these bluffs would almost certainly mean death.  

Kings River Overlook Nature Trail near Huntsville, AR

Bring some binoculars if you can! You may be able to spot an eagle in the Fall or Winter, and in the warmer months it's fun to spy on the floaters along the river :)

Ok, so if you want to to find the 41 ft. Eagles Nest Falls, I'll include the directions here as well. In the future i'll write a separate post about it, but since I didn't get any great shots of the waterfall and I couldn't successfully make it down to the bottom, I'm not doing a full write up yet. I'm going to try again in the Winter and see if I can get a better view. I will say though that the area above the falls may be worth it to you to check out. My kids enjoyed playing there! It was definitely a really pretty little spot along the creek that feeds the falls. 

At the very beginning of the trail you'll cross a tiny stream. The trail will curve to the right and remain level. Stay on the trail a couple hundred yards and accross another small stream. Soon after that you'll cross a 3rd small stream and you'll see an open area on your left (that's where the cave is). TURN RIGHT and bushwack down into the woods a couple of hundred feet. There's a faint but obvious footpath here and between boulders that if you hunt around for, you'll be able to see how other people got down as well. At the bottom you should be very close to the top of the falls which looks like the picture below. This is also a high bluff area so don't let your kids explore past the area you see in the picture! 

Here's the only picture I was safely able to get of the falls. It didn't appear to be running all that well either. Oh well. I'll be back! 

Directions and More Info
Trail Length: 1 mile roundtrip out and back

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate. High bluff area. Be very cautious! 

Other info: Be aware of hunting seasons on the WMA and wear hunter orange or brightly colored clothing if hiking during hunting season. No camping or rock climbing is allowed. 

Directions To get to the turnoff, go North out of Huntsville on HWY 23 to Forum. (I go through Withrow Springs State Park to do this) Go 3.5 miles and TURN RIGHT onto CR#1230 (gravel) at the green management area sign on your right.    

After a short distance you'll start seeing signs for the trail that should lead you there.
OR follow these directions...(sometimes signs are missing)
From the hwy, drive 3.1 miles and TURN RIGHT onto CR#1230. Go 1 mile and CONTINUE STRAIGHT onto CR#1254-Private Road. Go another.7 miles and TURN LEFT onto management area road #447-19. Continue down the hill and GO PAST camp area 314 for .3 miles to the big sign and gate for the trail at the bottom of a hill. You'll see a wide open area for parking on your right. 

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    1. Well, let's see...i'm done watching Parenthood and Orange is the New Black on Netflix sooooo I had some free time the last couple nights haha! Trying to get as many as I can in before we move in a few days. Hmm, I'm not sure about following from other platforms. I use Bloglovin' but I don't think it's a wordpress thing. Your name is clickable when you comment on here so I did that and saw your new post! :)

  2. Okay cool! I got here through your IG profile I think. We have watched both of those shows! They are the best! We are doing the "Big Brother" thing right now... I made a list of blogs that I need to do before I start doing other things and they get forgotten. 12 items on the list! YIKES! Oh well! Keep on living in the Ozarks! Congrats on new place! Happy MOVE!

  3. I hiked the trail earlier today and saw about a dozen eagles perched on the far side. Then I saw 5 or 6 on my left just soaring in the wind. Hopefully quite a few mòre will show up over the next couple weeks.

  4. I hiked the trail earlier today and saw about a dozen eagles perched on the far side. Then I saw 5 or 6 on my left just soaring in the wind. Hopefully quite a few mòre will show up over the next couple weeks.


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