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Tea Kettle Falls in Huntsville, AR (Spring Hike)

46 ft. Tea Kettle Falls in Huntsville, AR (During High Water)

Some friends and I hiked Tea Kettle Falls Trail in Winter of 2014. You can see that hike HERE! During that time though, Tea Kettle Falls didn't even have a drip, but the hike was still icy beautiful. This time, my mom and I hiked the trail in March of 2015 after we had just been blessed with a few days of rain and Reynold's Hollow and Tea Kettle Falls were both running full. Tea Kettle Falls is one of the prettiest and most unique falls i've seen, and to see it during high water was absolutely amazing! 

Tea Kettle Falls is a 46 foot waterfall that pours from a hole at the top of a bluff a tea kettle :). The trail to the falls is a moderate 2.4 mile roundtrip hike, a little more difficult during high water since you'll have to cross the creek a few times, but never too difficult. Each time we've been, I've seen kids along this trail so it's definitely do-able with little ones, though I definitely wouldn't say this is a SUPER kid friendly trail...just that it's manageable.

I've met people along the trail who have come in from a different route which makes this hike shorter, but that road is sometimes closed so i've never bothered. Anywho...this post describes the trail from the location which i've provided at the bottom of the post. Here's a little tip'll have an easier time on the trail (especially with kids), if you stay to the left of the creek. I tend to zig zag from one side to the other to see different things on both sides though. However, the people who we've met along the trail with kids have stayed to the left of the creek and they claim it's an easier hike. You won't be crossing the creek as many times so that's probably the reason.

I've posted a ton of pics of this trail on the winter hike write-up, so I won't post as many here this time...just the highlights. Be sure to check out our Winter Hike to Tea Kettle Falls for more pics of this trail!

Reynolds Hollow along the Tea Kettle Falls Trail in Huntsville, AR
This is Reynolds Hollow Falls which is at about a mile into the trail. It's a gorgeous little spot for a picnic!

Reynolds Hollow along the Tea Kettle Falls Trail in Huntsville, AR

Tea Kettle Falls (High Water)
46 ft. Tea Kettle Falls in Huntsville, AR (during high water)


Here's some fantastic fungi I discovered along the trail!

I wasn't able to ID this one

Exidia Glandulosa, commonly known as Black Witches Butter

Auricularia Auricula-Judae, commonly known as "Wood Ear" or "Jelly Ear." 

Tea Kettle Falls Trail 
Trail Length: 2.4 miles roundtrip
Difficulty: Moderate
Kid Friendly: Not SUPER kid friendly, but definitely do-able. A bit more difficult when the creek is full. 
Waterfall Height: 46 ft. 

Directions: Go North out of Huntsville on HWY 23 to Forum, then 6.5 miles and turn RIGHT onto management area Rd #447-8 (this road is gravel and may not be marked but you'll see a white shed on the right side of the gravel road and a green management area sign on your left when you pull into the road). Drive 1.4 miles on this road until you come to a large field on your right. You can park here. The trailhead begins across the field and you'll be heading downstream. The picture below is me standing at the trailhead looking across the field. 

Please help keep special places like this open for us and future generations of outdoor lovers to enjoy. When people don't behave respectfully, places like these inevitably get shut down and closed to access. Act safely and adopt and adhere to a "leave no trace" policy and always pick up your trash. Even better, try to bring an extra trashbag wherever you go so that when it's possible, you can pick up trash previously left behind if you find it. We can all do our part to make sure these places stay beautiful and open to all! 

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