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Our Spring Hike to Artist Point Trail and Waterfall in Mountainburg, AR

Artist Point Trail and Waterfall in Mountainburg, AR (Spring Hike)

Artist Point Trail is located within the Boston Mountains in Mountainburg, AR. We hiked this trail in the Fall of 2013 and the autumn color was just unbelievable! Though the hike was beautiful and we had a great time, the creek was pretty dry and we unfortunately didn't get to see the falls running. You can see our Fall hike HERE. I brought my boys back here this Spring after weeks of heavy rainfall, and the waterfalls were really going! We spent a lot of time exploring along the creek's multiple waterfalls. This hike isn't for the weak let me tell you, but the scenery is worth it! 

The trail isn't all that difficult to manage really. It's only a mile roundtrip and there are some steep slopes and off trail boulder bluffs, but nothing tricky. It's the hike back out that makes it difficult. On your way back you will be hiking entirely uphill. And on the last section of the trail (the fun downhill part when you started), is brutal. I wouldn't recommend it for the elderly, pregnant, or those with health issues. However, overall it is a family friendly trail. Just take it slllllooow and bring lots of water! 

Artist Point Trail and Waterfall in Mountainburg, AR (Spring Hike)
The view from the top of Artist Point is really amazing! I urge anyone wanting to hike here to definitely hike it in the Fall too. The! See our 2013 Fall hike HERE to see what I mean! 

Artist Point Trail and Waterfall in Mountainburg, AR (Spring Hike)

Artist Point Trail and Waterfall in Mountainburg, AR (Spring Hike)
This is Artist Point Falls. It doesn't look very high in this picture, but it's actually 15 ft. tall. 

Artist Point Trail and Waterfall in Mountainburg, AR (Spring Hike)
Make sure you continue down the creek a little ways after you visit Artist Point Waterfall. There are lots of other waterfalls not far from there. We explored around here for quite a while! 
Family waterfall selfie! 

This section is not part of the trail. The boys were having fun crawling over creek boulders.

Make sure you check out the Artist Point Gift Shop as well! The folks in there are super friendly and if you visit in the late spring or summer, head out on the shops back observation deck for quite a sight! They've hung lots of hummingbird feeders near the windows and off of their deck and sometimes you can see dozens of them at once. It's pretty neat. The kids loved it! 

While your in Mountainburg, check out the Mountainburg City Park, or as we call it...the Dinosaur Park! Click HERE to read more. 

Artist Point Trail Info
Address 19924 U.S. 71 Mountainburg, AR. 
The trail begins to the right of the shop. 

Trail Length: 1 mile out and back

Difficulty: Moderate. Very steep coming back though. 

Recommended for age 5+ but not for the pregnant, elderly or those with health issues. Take it slow and bring plenty of water! 

Features: waterfalls, bluffs, scenic views

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