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Mt. Kessler Trail in Fayetteville, AR

Mt. Kessler Trail Fayetteville, AR

The boys and I did a bit of the 8 mile Mt. Kessler trail in Fayetteville. We started from the new trailhead on Cato Springs Road and walked as far as a small pond to the right of the trail. I'm not even sure how far that was...maybe a mile or so. We would have hiked further, but this was by far the muddiest trail (or muddiest anything) we've ever encountered haha!
Since it took so long to walk our first mile, I decided just to turn around and head back and let the boys play in the muddy field located at the beginning of the trail. I mean, they were already covered in mud anyway! They had an absolute blast. I'm sure we'll return again sometime to explore more of this trail system.

Mt. Kessler Trail Fayetteville, AR

Mt. Kessler Trail Fayetteville, AR

Mt. Kessler Trail Fayetteville, AR


Mt. Kessler Trail Info
8 mile system
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate 
Directions: Take exit 60 off I-49 and go south about one-half mile on Cato Springs Road and turn right on Judge Cummings Road (WC 200) and the parking will be on your right.

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  1. Is this the same trail that mountain bikers take? -Chris

    1. Hmmm, now that i'm not actually sure about. :/


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