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Hiking the Joe Clark Trail at Lake Wilson in Fayetteville, AR

Joe Clark Trail at Lake Wilson in Fayetteville

My mom, and my two boys and I spent a beautiful Black Friday afternoon hiking the Joe Clark Trail at Lake Wilson. Lake Wilson is really beautiful and secluded. The trail circles the boot shaped lake and runs almost entirely in the woods. It's a very kid friendly trail with two options for loops...outer and inner loops, one at about 1.33 miles and the other at 1.76 miles. 

Joe Clark Trail at Lake Wilson in Fayetteville

Joe Clark Trail at Lake Wilson in Fayetteville

This is where you can either take the shorter loop at 1.33 miles to the left, or the outer loop at 1.76 miles to the right. 

We always love finding cairns along the trail! 
Joe Clark Trail at Lake Wilson in Fayetteville

We had fun searching for signs of beaver activity along the trail. 

Trail Info
Trail Length: 1.33 miles (inside loop)   1.76 miles (outer loop)

Difficulty: Easy-Moderate  (kid friendly)

Directions:  The trail is located at the end of Lake Wilson Road.  From Fayetteville take Morningside Drive south of 15th Street for approximately two miles.  Morningside Drive becomes City Lake Road, turn left on Wilson Hollow Road.  Follow the gravel road over the White River, then turn left on Lake Wilson Road. Trail starts near the pavilion. 

Please help keep special places like this open for us and future generations of outdoor lovers to enjoy. When people don't behave respectfully, places like these inevitably get shut down and closed to access. Act safely and adopt and adhere to a "leave no trace" policy and always pick up your trash. Even better, try to bring an extra trashbag wherever you go so that when it's possible, you can pick up trash previously left behind if you find it. We can all do our part to make sure these places stay beautiful and open to all! 

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