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Castle Rogue's Manor Near Eureka Springs, AR

Castle Rogues Manor near Eureka Springs, AR

Castle Rogue's Manor, located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is all sorts of fantastical. 16 years in the making, this one of a kind castle-like architecture is definitely something to see! I've driven past this place a few times just to pull into the lot marvel at the details several times. Finally though, we called ahead of time and made reservations for a private tour.
We were pretty excited. My boys love anything and everything medieval...castles, kings, knights, dragons, and mystery...and Castle Rogue's Manor had a flare of ALL of that and more!

We really had a great time there! After the initial tour, we were told that we could spend as much time perusing the outside grounds as we liked, which I thought was pretty awesome. If you are ever in the Eureka Springs area, you should give them a call for a guided tour! 

For more information about Castle Rogue's Manor and tours, see bottom of post. 

Castle Rogues Manor near Eureka Springs, AR

Castle Rogues Manor near Eureka Springs, AR

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Mason McGraw Photography, and taken with permission from Castle Rogues Manor official website.

Castle Rogues Manor near Eureka Springs, AR

I think my favorite part was the views from the back of the castle which overlooks Tablerock Lake and Beaver Town. 

Castle Rogue's Manor
Located near Eureka Springs, AR in Beaver, Arkansas
For Personal Guided Tours, Call 479-981-6816  or 479-253-4911 or 800-250-5827

Adult $20.00
Children $10.00
Children under 6 = Free
Group Tour Pricing Available, call for details
Directions to the castle:

Official Website (virtual tour!)

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  1. I love architecture like that. Will go visit sometime been wanting to do some mountain bike riding very close to that place anyway. Your page has given me several new idea for places to go and visit. Especially the waterfalls because i love to take pictures and always looking for a new place to take some interesting shots. Thanks Royce

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Royce! I love unique architecture as well and this place was really just amazing. Hope you're able to enjoy the waterfall season coming up! :)

  2. Hi neighbor! Here's that park that I was telling you about earlier, though it's about 3.5 hrs away, so a bit of a drive: Beavers Bend Resort Park < > Maybe you've already been there, but it's definitely worth a visit. Take care, jenn :)

    1. Hi Jenn! Wow that place looks really awesome! We'll definitely have to make a trip there sometime. It looks like it's worth the drive for sure. Thanks for sending the link :)


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