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Volunteering at Cobblestone Farm-June 2014

 Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville, AR

About Cobblestone Project Farm
In March 2014 my boys and I started volunteering for Cobblestone Project Farm. The Cobblestone Project's dream is to create a "community without need," and they are the backbone of several different volunteer initiatives in the area including Present in the CityHelp Portrait Northwest ArkansasShear Kindness30 Days for Change3 Bags in 2 DaysOur StepLaundry Love, and of course Cobblestone Project Farm, which focuses on local hunger relief. The food they grow there is distributed to local shelters, soup kitchens, Habitat for Humanity, etc. You can spend your time there as a volunteer farmer with many different opportunities to help around the farm.
Check them out at the Bentonville Farmer's Market on Saturdays! You can also purchase a Harvest Share Subscription which follows a "buy-one-give-one" model.

I had been seeking out a volunteer opportunity that would be a good fit for the whole family and I absolutely loved what Cobblestone Project Farm stood for--what they were doing to help the community and I wanted our family to be a part of it. On top of that, as a homeschooling family I knew it would be a great opportunity for hands on learning,really valuing how and where our food comes from, and of course spending quality time together. 

June 2014
Because of the oddly wet weathered June we had, we were only able to visit the farm once during the month. We visited on a beautiful & sunny low 80's Friday...perfect time to be out on the farm! The first thing I noticed was how full and green everything was! The fields were fully planted now--all ground space now being utilized. They sure had been busy since we last visited. I was great to be back on the farm!

 Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville, AR

Then I noticed these pretty new signs at the front of some of the rows. Cobblestone has a new opportunity for row sponsorship! I think this is such a great idea. Sponsorship donations go directly to benefit Cobblestone initiatives and to increase production at the Farm to aid in their hunger relief efforts. If you are interested in Row Sponsorship at the Farm, click HERE.
 Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville, AR

When we arrived and "reported for duty," I saw Jake, the farm's manager, putting these gorgeous red, pink, and orange Zinnias into spray painted bottles...a true "Pinterest project!" They were putting one of these into each harvest share subscription box and also selling some at the Bentonville Farmer's Market the next day. I thought, "what a lovely addition to the CSA boxes!" I'm sure the subscribers really enjoyed them. If you're interested in becoming a Harvest Share Subscriber, click HERE.

We surely weren't the only volunteers at the farm that day. A large group of kids from a local church VBS camp spent the afternoon picking tons potatoes, squash and zucchini, as well as helping the boys and I wash and bundle the onions. 

My boys loved watching Lowell unload the squash and zucchini from the tractor bucket, the pile getting bigger and bigger!  
 Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville, AR

 Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville, AR

Brady, my youngest, thought these were "huge yellow and green pickles!" Well, he was definitely right about the huge part!

The Cobblestone Farm Team
From Left to Right: Lowell, Megan, and Jake
Don't let this pic fool you! These guys were hard at work before I asked them for a quick pic :)
 Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville, AR

When we left that day, we walked through the blackberry row and admired the thumb sized blackberries! These were seriously the biggest blackberries i'd ever seen. Farmer Jake had mentioned that the Harvest Share Subscribers were coming out that day for a U-Pick afternoon...lucky ducks! 
 Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville, AR

 Cobblestone Project Farm in Fayetteville, AR

If you are interested in volunteering at Cobblestone Project Farm, visit 

To check out our previous months at the farm, and also other volunteer opportunities in the Northwest Arkansas area, click HERE!

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