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Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour Eureka Springs, AR

Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour in Eureka Springs, AR

My husband and I aren't BIG into the whole ghost thing, but we've each had our own little eerie unexplainable happenings in our lives. Just for kicks though, we decided to go on the ghost tour at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ar. I'd been wanting to check this old but beautiful building for a long time and I thought this would be a fun way to explore it. The tour was fun and besides the whole ghost thing, the hotel's history was REALLY interesting to learn about! 

Quick Info
Crescent Hotel Address: 75 Prospect Ave. Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Nightly Tours/ Tickets at $21.50 plus tax per adult ticket. $8.00 plus tax children 12 and under.

You can purchase your tickets in advance at 

If possible, I recommend getting on with the tour whose guide is commonly referred to as "the guy with the top hat." He was friendly, very informative, patient (with people straggling a bit behind to take pictures and with tons of flash in his face). A few friends of mine had another guide (a woman) who was quite the opposite (grumbling to herself about how no one was even listening to her, mad when people didn't catch up to the group soon enough, and just seemed disinterested in her presentation). 

A few Crescent Hotel Facts

-Built in 1886

-The Crescent hotel is considered America's MOST haunted hotel!

-The hotel was once owned by sociopath and crook, Norman Baker who turned it into a Cancer Hospital, though he had no formal schooling or training at all. He falsely claimed he could cure cancer and lured in thousands of dying patients in hopes of being cured, but MANY never left. He shot them up with crazy mixtures of watermelon seed, cornsilk, clover and water. So many deaths occurred here during this time. The hospital even had it's own morgue. You can see why this place would be haunted! 

Read more about crazy Norman Baker, HERE
Read more about the history of the Crescent Hotel HERE.

Pics from the ghost tour

Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR

Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR

Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR

So did we catch any ghosts on camera? Well, who can say for sure? I took about 200 pictures (you know..just in case) and then carefully went back and looked them over after putting them on my computer. There were a few that stood out to me as "weird," but nothing compared to some of the pictures the guides have collected from over the years and will show you on the tour!  Still, here are my "weird" photos below...

I took a few pictures in the same spot while standing in the hallway you see below. The pictures look a bit different (like I took them in different spots) only because i've cropped them differently to zoom in a bit to show you...those green dots on the floor that with each shot appear to be getting closer to me. WEIRD.
Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour in Eureka Springs, AR

Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour in Eureka Springs, AR

This one is the "weirdest." This is a picture of a mirror that you can see reflection of the elevator doors in. Only seconds after looking at the picture, I noticed a image in the middle of the elevator doors that (to me) looked a lot like a woman's face! WEIRD.
Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour in Eureka Springs, AR

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