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Beaver Walking Trail in Eureka Springs, AR

Beaver Trail in Eureka Springs

Basic Info
Short walking trail along an old railroad bed. Great views of Beaver Lake and a popular fishing spot. 

-Directions to trailhead: From Eureka Springs, take Hwy 23 N to Hwy 187. Go west and over the one lane historic bridge to the trailhead and parking just past the bridge on your left. (If your coming from the North, take Hwy 23 S to Hwy 187.)

Trail Length:  .31 miles 
Type: out and back
Difficulty: Easy (kid friendly)
Features: Views of Beaver Lake and White River, old springhouse, historic Bridge, Geocache location.

 My husband and I were spending a few days in Eureka Springs for our 7 year anniversary and we had a bit of time to kill before checking into our B&B so we walked this short trail. Going over the bridge was really neat. Make sure you roll your windows down for the full effect! The sounds of the old bridge will make you cringe. the trail was short, but there were incredible views of Beaver Lake and we even caught a quick Geocache (GC9F63) while we were there. We were there in eary March, so I'm sure it's an even prettier location in the Spring! 

Historical Bridge in Eureka Springs, AR

Old Springhouse in Eureka Springs, AR

Beaver Trail in Eureka Springs, AR

Geocaching in Eureka Springs, AR

An amazing 7 years with this guy as my favorite adventure sidekick! 

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