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Finger Park in Fayetteville, AR

Finger Park in Fayetteville, is a really neat park. There is a large playground, soccer field, half basketball court, hiking trail, lots of shady trees and open grassy areas, a large covered pavilion, and restrooms. The parks playground structure is really fun and unique.
There are actually 2 play structures. One is smaller for younger kids. Even in the hot July weather, my kids had a blast at this park! We would have done the trail too if it weren't for the heat. Just another reason to go back and visit in the fall!

Quick Info
-Address: 1525 SE Farmers Dr, Fayetteville, AR 72701
-Finger Park Trail is .6 miles long

-I do have 2 complaints. The the area was quite littered. We spent the first 10 minutes just picking up trash. Also, the park is located behind a McDonald's which when the hot July air blew our way, we would get wafts of greasy smells our way. Neither of these things would keep us from going back though. We usually bring trash bags and gloves to every park we visit, just in case there's a need for cleanup. 

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