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The Monte Ne Hotel Ruins in Rogers, AR

Monte Ne Hotel Ruins in Rogers, AR

Monte Ne was a beautiful resort getaway open from 1901 to the mid 1930's featuring 3 hotels, a bank, horse stables, an amphitheater, etc. that were built by dreamer and wealthy business man, William "Coin" Hope Harvey.  It only had a short run of success and then went bankrupt and was abandon. With the construction of Beaver Dam and then Beaver lake created in 1964, almost all of this historical site was flooded. The only things that remain above water are some foundations, and the concrete tower of the hotel "Oklahoma Row." When the lake is low however, you can see explore a bit of the top of the amphitheater and some of the horse stables show as well.
Monte Ne Hotel Ruins in Rogers, AR

(Directions and more info at the bottom of post)

From the parking lot, you'll step over a guard rain onto a large concrete area with quite a pretty view of Beaver Lake.

Make sure you don't overlook this area though!  What your standing on is part of the hotels foundation and if you take the small path to the side, you'll see these small concrete rooms which were actually the servants quarters!
Monte Ne Hotel Ruins in Rogers, AR

The tower of the once Oklahoma Row Hotel is now gated off due to vandalism but is still neat to view.  The tower is registered as a national historical site and is one of the first examples of a reinforced concrete structure in Arkansas.
Monte Ne Hotel Ruins in Rogers, AR

If you follow the beach around the bend you'll be in for more foundational explorations.

Monte Ne Hotel Ruins in Rogers, AR

Exploring outdoor arkansas

Monte Ne Hotel Ruins in Rogers, AR

Monte Ne Hotel Ruins in Rogers, AR

Monte Ne Hotel Ruins in Rogers, AR

Monte Ne Hotel Ruins in Rogers, AR

Though this area needs some serious tending to, it's definitely worth checking out! The history alone makes it all the more intriguing and the story of William Harvey and Monte Ne is really fascinating!
Click HERE to learn about more of the hotel's history.

Quick Info/Tips
-The area is quite overgrown and neglected...trash, broken bottles, etc. 
-The main tower has been vandalized and is now closed off with a very high chain link fence, though you can still get close enough to view it pretty closely. 
-Visit when the lake is low to explore a bit more of the "lost resort"

Directions to Monte Ne: East of Rogers, from US 71 go east on New Hope Rd 2 mi., continue on Monte Ne Rd 2.3 mi., then continue on Charlton Dr. just southwest of where Sunset Dr. intersects along Beaver Lake.

Please help keep special places like this open for us and future generations of outdoor lovers to enjoy. When people don't behave respectfully, places like these inevitably get shut down and closed to access. Act safely and adopt and adhere to a "leave no trace" policy and always pick up your trash. Even better, try to bring an extra trashbag wherever you go so that you can pick up trash previously left behind if you find it. We can all do our part to make sure these places stay beautiful and open to all! 

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  1. I went to the link to the Rogers site and apparently they've removed the information on Monte Ne. I have the oddest feeling that I've been there before, but to my knowledge I never have! I'm pretty sure the lake levels will be high with all the rain we've had, but sometime later this summer or early fall I want to visit the site. Wonder if once I'm walking there, I'll still have this odd feeling. It is surely something not to be missed.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the link! I've replaced it with another informative site. Crazy dejavu huh?! Yeah, it's more fun exploring this place when the levels are really low. Hope you get a chance to explore it sometime this year :)

    2. I remember going to Monte Ne when I was small. My favorite was the pyramids under the lake. I have some old family photos someplace of the pyramids. I've heard the pyramids have popped out of the lake a few times over the years during major dry spells, but they were full of snakes. I remember a store or something like that tied to Monte Ne, but I don't remember where. Thanks for pointing out this memory.


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