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SWEPCO Eagle Watch Nature Trail in Gentry, AR

SWEPCO Eagle Watch Nature Trail is located in Gentry, Arkansas. It is a 1/2 mile trail that leads to SWEPCO lake, a man-made lake with the purpose of cooling the Flint Creek Power Plant. If your first thought is that a lake made by and next to a power plant is probably filled with two headed fish and frogs, that is far from the truth. SWEPCO lake is a beautiful lake teeming with healthy plants and wildlife. It is a popular lake for year round fishing and bird watching, but most popularly... Bald Eagle watching in the winter.

-kid and stroller friendly-ish trail
- 1/2 mile (1 mile round trip)
-picnic spot
--For directions and more information about the trail, click HERE

There is a small parking lot at the entrance to the trail. If you have a stroller you'll have to hike it over the small turnstyle entrance or walk around to the left a bit if they have the big gate open.  You'll first walk near the gardens which in the spring and summer are filled with colorful flowers!

The first part of the trail is clearly marked and mulched.

In the fall you'll see lots of Osage Orange Trees, which are known for their large green inedible fruit often called "horseapples" or "hedge apples."  Every time we go we collect lots of these that have fallen to the ground. They are great as temporary fall decor and they also keep spiders away!

You'll come upon this metal gate (which will be open), but there's another turnstyle if not. If the gate is open, hop on for some fun swinging! (just not too many at one time)

You'll continue down a dirt path lined with these sticker bushes. I'm not sure what they are, but the stickers don't hurt to touch, but they stick to EVERYTHING.
Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

We've had a bit of fun throwing them at one another and getting them to stick to eachother's clothing. And as you can see below, they will stick to your hair which is not so easy to get out. :)

You'll soon reach the observation pavilion which overlooks a part of the lake.
There are benches and a large table which makes a great picnic spot!

What a great view from the deck!
Even when the lake is low (as it is in this picture) it's still a beautiful site!

You can continue off of the back of the observation deck to another trail which shortly leads you 
through the woods a bit. You won't be able to miss this tree which has been a popular spot for the kids to stop and climb on.

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