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Secret Spot: A Long Forgotten Country Road in Bella Vista, AR

Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

We jumped in the truck with the windows down and no particular destination in mind and ended up riding slow through the winding country roads in the Bella Vista Highlands, stopping once in a while to look for blackberries and pretty wildflowers. 

We turned on several roads just to see where they'd lead and upon turning onto one, we realized it was totally "unclaimed" and exactly the spot we were looking for.
It was a  long woodsy road with a circle drive ending and NO HOUSES. I parked at the end and we explored for the rest of the morning. No worries about cars, no worries about nosy neighbors. This is definitely our new "secret spot." 

Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

Do you see what I see?

Every kid should have their own private country road. :)
Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

If your ever in the Highlands of Bella Vista and would like to explore our "secret spot," take Highlands Blvd to Kinross and then proceed to Errol Ln.

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