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Lost Valley Trail and Eden Falls in Ponca, AR (Buffalo River)

Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

Lost Valley Trail is located in the Buffalo National River region in the Ozarks. It's located 22 miles West of Harrison on Hwy 43. You'll take the access road 1 mile South of Ponca which is marked with a sign. Parking for the trail is about 1/2 mile in. The trail starts at the campground, follows Clark Creek and ends with a 

Besides the fact that the trail winds through gorgeous woods, there are many amazingly beautiful sights along  the Lost Valley Trail. You'll see waterfalls, a cascading creek, a large bluff shelter and cave (Cobb Cave), a natural bridge, Eden Falls and Eden Falls Cave.

9/11/15 UPDATE: LOST VALLEY IS CLOSED until flood damage repairs can be made. 

Quick Info & Tips
-Lost Valley Trail is a day use only trail
-Pets are not permitted on the trail
-The first part 1/2 mile of the trail is very kid/stroller/wheelchair friendly. 
-It will take approximately 2 hours to hike the entire trail
-Cloudy days make for the best pictures! Morning/evening light comes in second. 
-If your feeling really adventurous, bring a flashlight or two to enter and crawl through Eden Falls Cave which about 100 feet to the back of the cave you'll find a 30 foot waterfall! (which I personally haven't done yet, but my mom has!)

First half-mile of the trail
Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

The first (easy) half mile of the trail ends with a pretty pool of water and a small cascading falls out of the mouth of a small cave you can crawl through.

Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

Here you have 2 options....

You can crawl through the cave 
Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

and come out on the other side to a valley of huge boulders and play boulder hopping

and crawl into a small cave opening. It's a tight space but nothing crazy. Even a youngster could do this with supervision. (you'll need a flashlight)

Or instead, you can then head up the trail to a steeper more uneven path leading to Eden Falls and Eden Falls Cave.
Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

Eden Falls
Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

Or of course you could explore both ways!
Lost Valley Trail is one of the most photographed areas in Arkansas and when you visit you'll know why! We've visited the trail in every season and while Fall has been my favorite time of year to go, there is something magical about each of the seasonal changes of the trail.  
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  1. Hi Jessie! Thanks for the post and pics, I am wanting to go see Eden Falls this weekend... where is the nearest campground? I am from out of state and am not finding direct answers on "" and the nearest one I have found is 17 miles away.. Help! Thanks!


    1. So sorry I didn't see this message in time! I'm not sure which campground you found, but I think the nearest campground is Steel Creek, although I may be mistaken. It's just a tad over 10 miles. I really hope you found something and had a great time at the Buffalo of my favorite places on earth!


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