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Camping at Rocky Branch Campgrounds in Rogers, AR

We went camping with friends for a weekend at the Rocky Branch Campgrounds on Beaver Lake in Rogers. This was our first big family camping trip.  
Because we were camping with several smaller children, we chose a really neat spot right by a small playground. There was a lot of gravel/rocks, but we were able to put our tents in the grassy area off to the side. This area was also near a large pavilion and a hand pumped water spout. The public bathrooms were very nearby as well and included flush toilets. Though not as clean as I was hoping and too spidery for my taste, I would say that they WEREN'T horrible. The only downside to this particular campsite was that it was a bit of a jaunt to the nearest swimming spot.

Quick Info & Tips
-If your interested, our spot was number 31 which you can see or reserve HERE .
-Click HERE to see he campgrounds daily use fees
-Click HERE for more information about the campgrounds  
-There is a small gas station/general store located within 10 miles of the campgrounds. 
-You'll find limestone bluffs, caves, and hiking trails

-Directions to the Rocky Branch Campgrounds: From Rogers, Arkansas, take Highway 12 east for just under 10 miles. Turn left onto Highway 303 and travel 3.5 miles. Turn left onto Park Road and follow it to the campground.

Our tent was awesome! It was an  Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Camping Tent
It took a while to put up, but was worth the trouble! It made our experience so much more enjoyable. 

We fit two twin and one queen mattress inside, as well as a mid sized pack-n-play travel crib for my youngest and we STILL had room to roam around and put our many bags.

Our friends and their family of 4 camped near us and my stepson and his buddy pitched a tent near us as well. It really was a great spot for a large crowd camping together in separate tents.
Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

The closest swimming area wasn't within comfortable walking distance from our site, but was easy to drive to within minutes. It was a beautiful beach and it did have sand, but I would still advise wearing shoes as there are lots of rocks along the shore and in the water.
Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

Exploring Outdoor Arkansas

The boys collected lots of huge mollusk shells!

We tried out a trail near the campground as well. It was a nice walk, but unfortunately we didn't get too far as they were doing some maintenance along part of the trail.

Nighttime was the best time. We strung mini lights up around our campsite and enjoyed laughs, some good campfire food and of course...roasted marshmallows and s'mores!

My favorite part of camping was the BREAKFAST FOOD! We were serious about a good camp breakfast and I was so glad for our cooking gear. Between both of our families, we had a pretty sweet little setup! We had eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, english muffins, coffee, hot chocolate, chi tea. 

We had such a great time on our first camping trip! That said, camping is hard work! I had my truck bed loaded down and at the end of the trip I had to remind myself that the FUN was worth the unpacking. It really was though. It was definitely memories we'll never forget and the pleasantness of the Rocky Branch campgrounds really made it even more enjoyable. It's a place i'd recommend any day. 

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